The Making of Virgin Organic Non-GMO Coconut

Our virgin organic coconut oil comes from coconuts grown on organic certified plantations - harvested at 9 to 11 months.

The coconuts are cut from trees using poles which are 12-15 m tall.

Coconuts are hauled to a central husking area and then taken into the processing facility where they are shelled and paired to obtain the white organic coconut meat.

The white organic coconut meat is rinsed and selected to assure that only the proper meat will be used in the process and that no other materials will cause cross-contamination.

The first process in the virgin organic coconut oil production is drying (less than 60 degrees C).

 The dreid coconuts are then fed into cold press oil expellers

  This results in extraction of virgin coconut oil

The organic coconut oil is put in settling tanks for a minimum of 48 hrs.

Finally the organic coconut oil is filtered and filled in its final package for sale.