The journey to find the purest and best coconuts, led us to a beautiful group of islands far, far away. These Islands are a group of small tropical islands located in Sri Lanka. They are rightly called, God's Own country. We discovered the beauty of these islands while visiting the neighboring Elephant jungles. While there, we noticed how all the islanders were beautiful, healthy, and had glowing skin. Their secret was a diet made wholesome with coconut products. We learned how they used these organic coconuts as part of their diet. After a long journey consisting of a 24 hour plane ride over the Atlantic and Indian Ocean, 2 hour taxi and 1 hour on a county boat, we finally came to a paradise of pristine coconut tree islands. We fell in love instantly with the islanders and learned that the coconuts grown at these plantations were 100% organic and free of any fertilizers or chemicals. Enjoy this journey with us while viewing the gallery below.

Journey to find the best coconuts
Tour of the coconut plantations
Meet the Island farmers and their families
Visit the coconut mill